Friday, October 30, 2015

The window to our souls

Living in the concrete jungle, we often forget about how nature looks like. Green trees, crystal clear lake, blue sky and white clouds. Sounds like what we used to draw during our art classes in pre-school right? But as we grow up, we lose it. We need to remind ourselves how beautiful Mother Nature is. We need to remind ourselves that it's time to take a short break from the computer and social media to give Mother Nature a good glance. But, that's not true. We do make effort to embrace these natural features. 

We travel. We take pictures of nature with DSLR. High definition and high resolution. Yes, majestic nature is captured perfectly under the camera lenses. 

But we have forgotten to admire the beauty of nature using our bare eyes, the window to our souls. Instead, we contaminate them with vulgarities, violent and sexual content, distorted body images and problematic life attitudes on social media. 

Buried in these unpalatable influences, I must admit, it is difficult to stay clean and original. But breaks in between busy life schedules do give me time for respites and a precious chance to cleanse my soul and pick myself up again. 

Location: Hyde Park, London

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