Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How will I spend my 30 days in Bangkok?

Hello everyone! I'm back with a "how will I spend my 30 days in Bangkok" post to share more about travelling in Bangkok. If you follow my blog, I have blogged about my trip to Bangkok with my family here. I must say I still miss Bangkok very much and wouldn't mind visiting there again and again! Work has been piling up lately and sometimes travelling with my loved ones serves as a respite for me. What's more important than spending time with people that you love in a lovely city like Bangkok right?

What if...I say what if...I can spend 30 days in Bangkok during my semester break? Here's what I will do!

1. Eat all I can!

Sometimes a 5-6 days trip overseas is not enough for you to explore local food entirely. It may be due to time constraints or maybe the food place is just out of your way or far from the city. If I have 30 days in Bangkok, I will make sure I explore more local food stalls and hipster cafes around Bangkok!

2. Visit places around Bangkok like a local! 

Bangkok is really a vibrant city. The last time and the only time we visited Bangkok, we managed to cover a few tourist attractions which were popular among tourists but not so much for the "hidden gems". We didn't manage to cover some of the temples, any of the museums, parks, floating markets or zoos in Bangkok. If I have 30 days in Bangkok, I will visit Bangkok National Museum, Safari World, Dusit Zoo, Dusit Palace, Bank of Thailand Museum, Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm (Bii loves crocodiles for some reason), Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Chinatown and many more! We missed the night view at Wat Arun too :( I heard that it's really pretty at night! Speaking about market, we missed the busy Chatuchak Weekend Market because we went there on a weekday as our trip did not stretch over any Saturdays or Sundays. I would say almost 50%-60% of the shops were closed. Can't wait to see how it's like on a weekday!

3. Shop till I drop!

Okay, our last trip to Bangkok was kinda short. Honestly, I did not get to shop much. In fact I only bought an orange clutch (which I'm still using it until today), fairy lights (to decorate my room) and two yoga pants. You didn't hear me wrong, only two yoga pants! How's that enough right? I mean places like Platinum Mall, Siam Square, MBK and Pratunam have so beautiful clothes and accessories at very affordable prices, how did I even miss out good deals like these? If I have 30 days in Bangkok, I will go full fledged on shopping! I will probably get some basic school and work outfits. 

4. Relax at Klapsons The River Residences Bangkok!

I have read about very positive reviews about Klapsons The River Residences in Bangkok. If I can stay in for 30 days and enjoy their room service as well as facilities like the pools and gym, it will be the best 30 days of my life!

Imagine this:

10 a.m. Wake up on a hotel bed
11 a.m. Wash up and have brunch
12 a.m. Chill by the pool/go for a swim/have a good tan
2 p.m.   Shower and visit places in Bangkok
6 p.m.   Dinner
7 p.m.   Enjoy night view at the hotel
8 p.m.   Read a book
9 p.m.   Go to the gym
10 p.m. Shower/Soak myself with hot water in the bath tub (with some candles and wine maybe)

Source: Agoda

Source: Agoda

Source: Agoda

Source: Agoda
Looking at the plan I have in mind already make me feel like planning for another trip to Bangkok soon! Please let my dream come true! :)

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