Friday, March 31, 2017

Twenty Something Travel to [Where to stay in New York Edition]

When it comes to travel planning, choosing the right accommodation, to me, is one of the most time-consuming thing to do. It's not helping when you haven't been to the country/city and you have no idea which area is the most convenient place to stay. Not mentioning that the research part can be very tedious when you want a place that suits your needs.

When I choose my accommodation, there are the "rule of 3 Cs" which I need to adhere to - basically, it must be Clean, Convenient and Cheap. Places which fall short of any these criteria will be thrown out of my list of consideration straight away.

Why it needs to be clean and aesthetically pleasing:

I'm quite a fussy customer when it comes to hotel rooms. Imagine coming back to mouldy carpet, dirty toilet, faulty air-conditioner, cold shower etc after a long day outside. That's just disastrous. I want to have a good night sleep every day so that I can re-charge and enjoy exploring every day. It doesn't need to be spotlessly clean, just clean and well-maintained.

Why it needs to be convenient:

You want to save your time on transport. Imagine taking the train for almost an hour to reach tourist attractions or spend an exorbitant amount on cab fares...that's just...unwise.

Why it needs to be relatively cheap (or affordable):

Unless you like staying in the hotel rather than heading out, you don't want to spend too much just to pay for a place where you will only spend your night time sleeping. It needs to be cheap or at least affordable so that you can spend more on makeup, food, museum tickets, clothes and more clothes.

Who says clean hotels are not cheap, cheap hotels are not convenient?

Disclaimer: Hotels that fit exactly all these criteria are hard to find. But I will give you my recommendations which come close to fit all these criteria based on my research.

Here are my top picks in New York! (1 being highly recommended, * for hotels which I have stayed before)

Click on the hotel names to be directed to their official website!

1. Citizen M New York Times Square Hotel 

For fussy customers. Top-notch hotel services. Superb location. Extremely clean. No complaints.

2. Yotel*

As good as #1. Only difference is that the location of this hotel is not as central (near to everywhere) as #1...and the streets to the hotel get a bit dark and quiet at night.

3. Element New York Times Square West

You get a mini kitchen and even a washing machine in some room types. Clean. Location is not as central compared to #1 and #2.

4. Nylo Hotel NYC

Location is not as central as #1, #2 and #3. Near central park. Generally clean. Price is cheaper and more affordable than #1, #2 and #3.

5. Row NYC

Location is superb. Price is cheapest among all. Other than that, rooms are extremely small, not for fussy customers, not as clean as #1 - #4. You are paying for the location, and only that.

Note: All hotel pictures are taken from Comments are made based on Tripadvisor's reviews except those with *, those are made based on personal experience.

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