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Hello readers! Welcome to my blog 

An exotic flower captured during my trip in Boston

I have re-launched my blog once again with a new layout! I'm very satisfied with the sweet and minimalist design and I don't foresee myself changing it anytime soon, hopefully. I have been constantly searching for affordable and pretty templates for my blog and I'm glad to say that I have found one!

My blogging journey started since I was in primary school. At different stages of life, I blogged for different reasons. My blog used to be a place where I document my daily encounters and random rants but now, I put more thoughts to the content of my posts, and hopefully, they are able to inspire readers like you, just like how some of you have inspired me!

In this blog, you will find posts on travel, food, books, movies etc and everything under the sun.

'Being curious' is my way of living life because I believe a person's curiosity can lead to wonderful encounters and discovery in life and that, led to the creation of "Curiosity Never Sleeps". 

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