Friday, March 27, 2015

Keng Lye's Art Exhibition @ Scott Square, Orchard - "Alive Without Breath"

First of all, I declare that I'm not an artsy person to begin with but from time to time I do go for art exhibitions just to be amazed by masterpieces painstakingly created by great artists. One fine day, sitting in front of my computer as usual, I came across this art exhibition with the theme of "Alive Without Breath" that took place at the curatorial space at Scott Square. I have heard of Keng Lye but yet to witness the beauty of his artworks with my own eyes. 

Knowing that the art exhibition would end in two days time, Bii and I went to visit this rather exquisite art exhibition after school on a Friday. 

The white setting of the art exhibition gave it a tranquil and clean atmosphere.

Look at this incredibly realistic octopus! 

Translucency is possible on resins. Look at these beautiful shrimps!

Can you spot the little fishes?

Keng Lye takes inspirations from daily encounters.

Goldfish with perfect scales

Baby Koi

The shells of these terrapins look surreal. They were painted on empty Kinder Surprise Eggs.

Black goldfishes in an old-fashioned bowl

His work on Siamese fighting fish is by far my favourite piece! 
I was stunned and still am flabbergasted by the seemingly real portrayals of marine life scenes created using resin, paint brushes and acrylic paints by Keng Lye, a Singaporean hyper-realistic artist. He normally spends months or even years to complete an art piece. He painted these artworks using tiny brushes on a layer of resin. After it dried up, he poured another layer of resin and painted on the new layer to create a 3-Dimensional effect. You need to be extremely meticulous and patient to do this. Imagine if you mess the last layer up after spending 2 years on it, I'm not sure about you, but I will definitely cry over the 'spilt resin'!

Hope you enjoyed appreciating his art pieces as much as I did! Assignments deadlines are catching up, till next time!