Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All in One Online Shopping Experience at IPRICE!

My year-end examination is finally over! In other words, I'm done with the first year of law school. Time really flies as you grow older. It is just unbelievable that I'm now one step closer to graduation. After all the readings and trainings for moot, I am glad that I survived and squeezed through two semesters despite all the struggles. I have so many plans for these 3 months of summer holiday (although it's summer all year long in Singapore, we do have our own "summer" holidays at the end of the academic year) and I just cannot wait to materialise them!

University life is not as easy as it seems to be although you don't have to sit still in the classroom from 8am to 4pm like you used to do in secondary school. The readings you have to complete before lectures and the materials that you need to digest after lectures are almost impossible to finish. Most of the time, I have to give up my time for retail therapy out in the malls and dates with Bii to catch up with all the readings. 

But now, I have found a better alternative for a win-win situation during my busy schedule with all the school work. And yes, that's going for shopping online with my pyjamas on while eating my cereal for breakfast! No travelling, no time wasting and purchasing is just one click away!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you...iprice! Feel free to view their website here.

Source: iprice

What is iprice?

The hot trend of e-commerce has resulted in the emergence of online retail websites by different brands. But it is just humanly impossible to gather information of all the products, discounts and promotions available across so many online retail websites. We are lost in the e-commerce maze as we either can't find what we are looking for or end up buying the items at a higher price. 

iprice solves this problem of yours! iprice is an online shopping heaven which incorporates wide ranges of products up to millions of them from different websites. With iprice, you do not have to visit multiple websites of different specific brands to check out the products separately. iprice saves your time by having them all here at their best prices!

Source: iprice

Source: iprice

Why should you use iprice?

iprice has all the information about discounts and promotions you need so that you can purchase your desired products and services at their best prices! It doesn't just save your time from checking the discounts and promotions separately, website by website, it also helps you to save more for tomorrow! Everything under the sun is just a click away and you do not have to worry about travelling out of your house, school or office just to purchase them!

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What kind of products are being sold at iprice?

It is not an exaggeration to say that iprice has everything that you can think of. You can shop for electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, watches, jewellery, toys, products for kids, sport equipments, furnitures, beauty and hair care products, media and books, automotive tools and supplies as well as gadgets. I am surprised to see things such as fishing rods and water heaters being sold there! The product range is just impressively wide!

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What is unique about online shopping experience at iprice?

The user-friendly website outline of iprice enables consumers to navigate conveniently. Your online shopping experience can be further enhanced by the informative nature of iprice as it provides clear information (colour, size, price, functions etc) about the brands coupled with free coupon codes and discounts up to 70% that consumers can utilise to save up for the future! Discounts from other online retail websites such as Zalora, Lazada & YOOX among others which are affiliates of iprice can be viewed on iprice. I can't believe they even have discount information from AirAsia and Expedia!

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What are you waiting for? Start your online retail therapy now at iprice!

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