Monday, May 25, 2015

Food Hunting at [Sunday Market]

Hello readers! I will be starting another series called the "Food Hunting at" series to introduce good food and provide cafe/hawker stall/restaurant recommendations for food lovers like me and you.

Cafehopping around Singapore can be pretty costly. For students with tight budget like me, we tend to hunt for great food at reasonable prices (at least I do). It's not very difficult to find tasty yet cheap food, but it requires some research effort, and perhaps, a good sense of direction, as these "gems" are usually hidden in ordinary shop houses that are unattractive. 

This weekend, Bii and I decided to visit Sunday Market, a retro cafe located at Lim Tua Tow road near Upper Serangoon Road. 

How to get there

We were lost at first. Rather, I was. I was trying to use Google Maps to get ourselves there but the navigation system broke down. Don't ask me why, the direction pointer just kept spinning every few seconds. Bii, with his great sense of direction, decided to take over the Google Maps and walked me there without the direction pointer. I was impressed. 

The nearest MRT station from Sunday Market is Serangoon. However, you will need to walk around 10 minutes pass HDBs and some landed properties to reach the shop houses along Lim Tua Tow road. Sunday Market is located at the left most corner of the shop houses, unostentatiously. 

For taxi-takers, here you go:

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, 547772

Just to avoid disappointment, their opening hours are:

Monday - Tuesday: 12pm-10pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday: 12pm-11pm
Saturday: 9.30am-11pm
Sunday: 9.30am-9pm

The green plants hanging on the front door made me thought that it's a florist.
Although the front door looked unimpressive, the interior design of the cafe was just...quirky, at the same time, heart-warming.

The decorations made me felt welcomed.

Brick walls

Pictures with plant roots

The cosy atmosphere
Spot the rainbow cake!
Exclusive flavours of ice-creams

What did we eat

Bii and I looked at the menu and ordered their Beef Rendang mains coincidentally. I'm not a spicy-taker but still decided to give their Beef Rendang mains a try as they seemed outlandish among others. We highly recommend you to order their Beef Rendang mains for two reasons: (1) you can't find it anywhere else (2) they are just plain delectable! We also ordered strawberry cheesecake waffle as our dessert. 

Truffle Fries 

My Beef Rendang Toast

Bii's Beef Rendang Lasagne

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle with Butterscotch sauce

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

On a side note, there will be travel posts coming up because it's the time of the long deserved summer break! Stay tuned my dear readers! Here's a selfie with Bii to end this post!

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