Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa

It's study week...which means my year 2 semester 1 is coming to an end. I have been busy doing revision recently but here's an update on my date with Bii to SEA Aquarium (SEA) at Resorts World Sentosa. We actually got the tickets at a discounted price few months ago. Due to our busy schedules, laziness and procrastination, we did not manage to squeeze a SEA date in. Two weeks ago, we finally got our ass out of our house to visit SEA together before the tickets expired.

p/s: while drafting this post, I realised I have too many backlogs to clear. I promise I will get them up as soon as my exams ended.

How to get there

We took the MRT all the way to the HarbourFront station (Circle Line/Purple Line) and then walked to Sentosa Island through the Sentosa Boardwalk. The walk will take you around 8-10 minutes depending on your speed. Alternatively, you can also take the tram (Sentosa Express) from Vivocity (mall at HabourFront station) to Sentosa Island just by paying a fee of SGD 4 per entry. Oh yea, the Sentosa Boardwalk gives you free entry till end of this year! So, why bother taking the tram?

So this happened when I saw the free entry notice --

Me: Whoa B, it says the Sentosa Boardwalk will offer free entry to Sentosa Island till 31st December leh! How come ah?
B: I think it's because it's SG 50. And maybe the government wants to encourage people to walk. 
Me: If that is the case we should visit all the Sentosa attractions this year before this offer ends! 
B: (looking unimpressed) but you do know the entrance fee is only SGD 1-2 through Sentosa Boardwalk right.
Me: Oh, really ah...

The Sentosa Broadwalk overseeing the island
More information regarding how much the ticket costs and the opening hours can be found in their official website here

For the rest of this post, you will see three kinds of pictures: Pictures of fishes, pictures of fishes and pictures of more fishes! 


A shark

Halloween themed sea 

Sea Urchins

Bright-coloured fishes

Diver entertaining visitors

Closer view of a jellyfish

An octopus camouflaging


Axolotl (they have regenerating power!!)
The appearance of Axolotl can be quite disturbing. It looks like a hybrid of lizard, dog, fish, frog and iguana. But for some reason, Bii loves it so much that he crowned Axolotl as his favourite amphibian.

That's the end of our SEA date post! Of course there are way more things to see and explore beyond the pictures I have posted. These are just some that I hand picked to show you. Hope you enjoyed reading it! I would rate this attraction 9/10. I mean it's perfect for a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, best for a family day out with children etc. If you are a marine life lover, this place is a must go attraction when you visit Singapore. It has 100,000 marine life animals across 49 habitats and a huge viewing panel that houses big stingrays, hammerhead sharks, fishes and more fishes (in fact it is the largest marine life viewing panel in the world). What are you waiting for? Book a ticket now!