Tuesday, February 23, 2016

For you, a thousand times over

Why do we pick up flowers and place them at home,
When withering is just a matter of time?

Why do we go for thrilling roller coaster rides,
When we clearly know the feeling of a heart dropping is never going to be good?

Why do we eat sinful desserts and fattening burgers,
When it is going to take us triple the time to lose them?

Why do we watch melancholy themed dramas and read tragic storybooks,
When negative thoughts and tears are all that we are going to experience?

I guess
That's because no matter
How short the life-span
How electrifying
How unhealthy
How saddening
These things could be

You know you will enjoy them
And you don't mind even if it's as short as
A split second.

Why do we fall in love again,
When we were terribly hurt by the previous?

I guess
That's because
We believe one day
We will,
Find that someone,
Who was made


I'm glad that I found him after 21 years,
In the most unexpected way.