Saturday, March 12, 2016

Artsy Date @ Arteastiq

A different kind of date.

It was a sunny Saturday. Bii and I were discussing what could we do. We decided to go for a study date in the library. As usual, we packed our things: laptop, charger, books, jackets etc. We headed out to have lunch. After lunch, we discussed and came to a consensus - let's just do away with the mundane study date thing and try something new. We dropped our bags at home, went to catch Zootopia (I'm not a fan of cartoons but I must say it's a great movie indeed) and headed to Arteastique for an artsy date. (the degree of spontaneity: 99.99%)

Arteastique is a social painting studio that serves food right next to it. We made a booking before heading to the studio, just in case we could not get a place by walking-in. For painting sessions on weekdays, if you are a student, you get to enjoy a session for just SGD 28 as compared to the usual SGD 48! So, you know what to do if you are still studying! 

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One session includes free flow of acrylic paint, a canvas, an apron, set of brushes and paint pallete. That means you do not have to bring anything else other than yourself. If you don't have any idea on what to draw, they also have catalogues for the uninspired. Once you have an idea of what to draw, you can start drawing! Each session is 3 hours and if you can't complete your drawing, you can always top up SGD 5 for a one hour extension. 

Source: Google
The atmosphere was very inspiring due to the air-conditioned interior and quiet surroundings with soothing music playing softly in the background. It was a good three hours of just focusing on drawing and painting. It unleashed the artsy fartsy part of me. I couldn't even remember when was the last time I painted on a blank canvas. Maybe 12 years ago? Painting is one of my childhood hobbies that I miss until today. 

Something funny happened while we started painting:-

B: Shit, how come they don't have orange paint? I need it for the body of charizard. Now I have to use red. 
Me: B, you are supposed to mix red and yellow together to get the colour.
B: What?! How come nobody tell me one. (while trying to get orange by mixing red and yellow)

A while later...

B: Babie, how come it becomes bright red rather than orange?
Me: Because you mixed too much red. Proportion is 2:1, 2 being yellow. 
B: Walao, nobody tell me. Can help me mix? (smirk*)

When he finished using up his orange, I saw a hand with a brush stretched across my palette and picked up orange from it. 

Me: Ehhhhh...why you steal my orange. (whiny face*)
B: Don't be selfish, share colour leh. 

That moment, I felt like I was a kid and kindergarten started all over again.

Three hours later...we are done with our creations!

It was a great day spent.

Let your creativity out now at Arteastique!

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15, Mandarin Gallery, 238867
Call them to secure your slot: 6235 8370

Postscript: Zootopia was a great movie as it conveyed a very important lesson - do not give up chasing your dreams and never let the social norm define what you can and cannot do. It is very relevant especially in societies where discrimination issues are prominent or where there are social stigmas on people with particular type of skin colour, family background etc. Go watch it if you haven't! (btw the theme song sang by Shakira was really catchy, motivating and nice too)

Side note: Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing what I really love. I was not born to be creative but I feel happiness whenever I draw and paint. If I were to do painting as a living, it definitely won't feel like work. I'm unsure, grass is always greener on the other side. I think I should just continue what I'm doing and see how it goes. 

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