Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Too slow to the game, maybe?

I have heard of Goodreads many years ago but I haven't registered an account there because I just didn't find the need to. Few months ago, I checked the website out again and created an account which I left idle for quite some time before deciding to be active on it again. The reason was simple: I needed recommendations on good books to read. And the website was perfect for that. There is something inexplicable about Goodreads community that I really love. Like the feeling you get when you share your favourite teddy bear with your favourite friend and your favourite friend reciprocates by sharing her favourite doll with you? 

I will still be writing my reviews/reflections on the books I have read here. My Goodreads account is there to keep track on the books I have read and the books that I want to read. If you have good recommendations, please do share with me.

Goodreads users, you must be thinking: this girl is just too slow to the game.

Better be late than never, right?

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